Baby Matthew

Where do I begin to tell you about my beautiful son Matthew?  He was born on July 11, 1996 and would only live 16 months.  On November 3, 1997 we awoke like every other day and began our day.  Matthew laid down for his nap at 9:00 but woke about 1/2 hour later vomiting and had a temp of 40.9c.  I called our family doctor who told me to bring him in.  The doctor examined him and said it was the stomach flu and sent us home.  My mother's instinct told me it was more than the flu because he was so sick but who was I to argue with a doctor.

I took him home and sponged him down all day.  He slept all day and evening. My husband came home from work and was taking a shower when I got this strange feeling and thought to myself he´s to sick for the flu and every second counts. I told my husband we were taking him to the hospital. When we got there they started examining him and saw 3 pin size purple dots on him, then he crashed. No pulse, barely a blood pressure reading and unconscious.  They had to start an i.v. through his kneecap because his veins collapsed. The doctor said you have a very sick little boy.  He has meningococcal meningitis and we are airlifting him to the iwk childrens hospital.  For 5 days it was up and down.  

Then on Saturday November 8, 1997 they told us our little boy was brain dead and would never come back to us.  We were advised to stop support.  So at 4:00 pm the machines were turned off and at 5:05pm our little Matthew died in our arms.  We had never heard of this disease and were not aware there was a vaccination.  We now have 3 more children, 2 girls and another precious son who are all vaccinated.

Thank you.
Jodi Mackay 
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