Bridgid M. Block

December 20, 1984 - April 20, 1994

I am 13 year old named Desirea, and my older sister Bridgid died from aseptic meningitis. She was only 9 years old. She died on April 20th 1994. It is still very hard for me to deal with because she was my sister and I loved her so. I use to want to be like her. I always ask question why did she have to die.

On the morning that she passed away I had a bad dream so I called out for my parents. My mom brought me back to my room when she notices Bridgid hanging off of the bed that´s when she screamed. My Dad came running into the room turned on the light and her one side of her face was purple and her arms were up in the air and stiff like she was holding her head. I will never forget that image. 

My mom never wants to talk about that day much. I was only 4 years old but it will always be with me, my brother never woke up with all the noise and police there. We were brought to my Aunt ´s house and never returned to that house again. My Granny and Aunt have had a special service for all Bridgid´s cousins, friends and classmates to say good-bye. They would not let my brother go to the viewing they made me go hoping I would get that last image of her out of my head. My brother never saw it so they wanted him to remember his last memory to be the night before playing out side and having fun with each other. She looked so pretty in her dress.

I had to do a report for science class on a virus. I chose aseptic meningitis so I could try to understand how my sister got the virus and why. I will always love my sister and sometimes I wish I was with her. She will always be in my heart. My mom never takes me to the cemetery. Sometimes I want her to. My granny goes all the time I guess it is just to hard for my mom. My dad would go on holidays and her birthday. I would not wish this virus on any one. I just wish my sister did not have to get it and leave all the people who loved her.


Desirea (sister of Bridgid)


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