Caden Baby Boy Wonder

t's TWINS!  After dealing with infertility issues and already having a beautiful 2 1/2 year old daughter, how exciting to find out we were pregnant with twins, 2 boys to be exact.  Carson and Caden were born healthy at 36 weeks on August 22, 200,3 Carson was 5.5lbs, Caden 5.10lbs.  Both boys got to come home 2 days after they were born, other than things being hectic and a lot of colds and frequent ear infections for the first 5 months of life both babies were relatively healthy.  All that changed on Feb 15th, 2004, Caden had been running a low grade fever for approximately 2 days, we attributed it to cutting teeth.  Early the morning of Feb 15th we noticed Caden was acting strange, very lethargic, not eating and only wanting to be held.  It was a Sunday and the doctors office was closed so we called the on call nurse who said give him a little more Tylenol and call the doctor on Monday if the fever doesn't break.  Well……..mother's instinct took over and we noticed his fontennel (the soft spot on his head) started bulging, it looked almost like an egg protruding from his head!  We immediately rushed him to Children's Hospital in Omaha NE only about a 10 minute drive from our house.  We could tell by the way the hospital staff was acting that this was serious, a spinal tap was done and we were told meningitis (baterial) the worst kind to have.  We were told he would be in the hospital at least 5 to 7 days as he would have to be on IV antibiotics that time and around the 3rd day we should see him improving, if all goes well.

By the third day Caden seemed to be responding to the medication, however, he continued to spike fevers (not a huge concern for the doctors at this point).  The morning of the 4th day of hospitalization things started going the wrong way, Caden started having a major seizure that ended up lasting over 2 and a half hours.  Doctors were trying every kind of medication to get the seizures to stop and finally on their last try before having to comatose this precious boy they were able to stop the seizure.  The nuerologist did not have great news for us, he suspected that Caden may have suffered a major stroke and may have significant brain damage.  Needless to say we were devastated, our perfect beautiful baby boy may now have brain damage and worst case may not even live.  Many tears were shed many prayers were said.  Our baby boy lie there in intensive care almost lifeless with a tube breathing for him, oh how our hearts ached.  We were told that Caden would need to have an MRI done as well as other tests to try and indicate to what extent his brain may have been damaged.  God was truly at work during those excruciating hours waiting for test results.  To the amazement of every one of Caden's doctors it appeared as if he had suffered NO brain damage.  We cried tears of joy, happiness and praised God for his miracle.    Doctors advised us that Caden may still end up having delay issues we wouldn't know for sure until he grew and developed.

We are happy to say that Caden is now 13 months old.  He is definitely a happy healthy little boy who loves keeping up with everything his twin brother Carson does.  Caden has been evaluated by early education teachers and physical therapists and we have been told he is doing everything age appropriate.  Our precious baby boy is back we thank God every day for giving us our miracle.  Caden is truly baby boy wonder.

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