Caroline Bertin

My name is Caroline Bertin,

I don't remember my story that well even if it was just two years ago, It was in May 2005, I was home one night just sitting on the couch and talking with my mom. My had had been hurting, but I just thought it was a headache, but my neck also hurt so I decided to tell my mom. She was a bit worried, so she brought me to the ER at the regional hospital. I waited in the waiting room for a while before the doctor took a look at my, he took a blood sample and admitted me to the hospital. They were not sure of what I had, so they made me stay at the hospital. They gave me a cat scan and they saw something strange on the screen, they had already put me on antibiotics since they were thinking it was a viral meningitis, which I later found out it was. So, I got a lumbar puncture and was brought back to my room.  A few days later, I was sent down to the hospital in Halifax, in Nova Scotia since they didn't know what the thing they had seen in the cat scan was. After a few hours in the plane and reaching the hospital at 4 am, I spent four more days in the hospital. And because I had stayed in the hard hospital bed for so long, I couldn't walk for a few day, but I tried as much as I could I forced myself to walk. They found out I had a Viral Meningitis and a sinusitis with a viral meningitis, I threw up a few times, but I went to the hospital in time because it could have been really bad.

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