Dana's Story

My name is Dana. I am a 25 year-old African-American female. I was  diagnosed with viral meningitis on November 23, 2004. My symptoms started the Sunday before with a headache. I took all kinds of medicine for it. I went to work Monday feeling ill, still trying to make it through the day and take care of my baby.

Tuesday morning I didnt make it to work due to all the vomiting and severe headaches. By that evening my boyfriend taken me to the emergency room. I was seeing yellow spots and double vision. All I could hear was my baby asking for me. I become incoherent while the nurses asked me questions. The doctors did a spinal tap which I barely felt because of the headache I had. The doctors asked me all kinds of questions like did I have herpes or hiv or west nile virus. They gave me several IVs before diagnosing me with meningitis.

I went home a week later. I was out of work for 10 days after that. I administered my own antibiotics at home thru a tub inserted in my arm to my chest. I still have stiffness in my back from the spinal tap and my thumb is weak at times. But the hardest part of it all was me nor the doctors not knowing what was wrong with me. It was very scary being that ill and not having a clue as to how I became sick. However I am glad that I am stil here to see my son grow up. Even though I was in the hospital on his birthday and missed Thanksgiving dinner. I´m glad to be alive and as long as this website is up, people will be more informed as to how serious this disease is.

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