Donna Stafford

Good day,
At the age of 2, I was rushed to the Montreal Children's Hospital with a very high fever and vomiting. My parents were told I had Bacterial Meningitis. One year later, same thing.  My parents were told:"If she comes out of this, she will have some level of brain damage, blindness or loss of hearing."
Over the next 6 years, I experienced approximately 8 more bouts of Meningitis.  At the age of 9, with a fever of 105, back to the Hospital, where I lived for 2 months.  A number of CSF leaks were discovered and Neurosurgery was the only answer. After multiple hearing tests, IQ tests... the only loss was about 5% of my hearing in my left ear and partial/temporary paralysis in my face. In my teens, I came down with Viral Meningits twice.

Today, I am 43 years old. I have 2 kids (Meningitis free) and we all have had the Meningitis Vaccines.  I am healthy thanks to the immediate care I received as a sick child and thanks to the awareness we had of the extreme symptoms and urgency to this sickness.

Thank you,
Donna Stafford
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