It was 10 days from Elijah really telling us he was sick, to him passing away. I would not wish what he went through or what his dad and I saw and felt upon my worst enemy. It was the week before Christmas break started and we thought he just had a winter bug. Our two youngest were sick as well but Elijah never really got over it. He woke up Christmas morning and just didn't seem happy.....a normal healthy 9 year old would be so happy on that day. He went downhill from there. His grandma took him to the walk-in clinic on the 26th and they sent him to the hospital because of his high fever. I left work and met them there. The worst part of all is, the fact that they had meningitis on their mind. The ER doctor suggested a spinal tap but didn't do one, because he had eaten half a grilled cheese sandwich and drank part of a Gatorade.  They sent us home, with a follow up appointment. That doctor told me to give him a few days. I believe in my heart that those few days would have given him a fighting chance. It was the next evening when his dad got home, that we really noticed something wrong. Elijah was so stiff. I thought it was from him laying down awkwardly, then he started to slur his words. His dad and grandma took him to the ER and he was flown to Seattle Children's Hospital. My son never woke up again; 6 days later he was gone. I never thought I would have to go home without him..... I promised we would redo Christmas, and stop at the ocean on the way home. We never got to do those things. Elijah was an amazing 'one of a kind' child. He was my heart..... my first child. And I will miss him every day.
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