Eric's Story

My son was 15 years old and called from school on a Thursday to please pick him up because he did not feel well. I picked him up and he had a bad headache. I gave him Tylenol when we got home and then he went to a hockey practice in the evening. Not feeling good at all during the night he began to vomit with a temp of 102 on Friday. I treated him for the flu all day.

By Saturday the vomiting was out of control and his fever was 103. I took him to a clinic and they diagnosed him with a severe sinus infection. His forehead was swelling above his eye also. I was told to keep an eye on him. Less than an hour after we arrived home he could not move and the vomiting would not stop. We rushed to the emergency department and he was taken right in. Eric could not move his neck or stand the pain in his head. His fever was 103. They did a spinal tap and confirmed that he had meningitis.

He was not breathing well and was rushed by ambulance from Newmarket to Sick Kids Hospital. After a CAT scan they operated to relieve some of the infection from the sinuses. After the surgery we spent another 3 weeks at Sick Kids. Thankfully Eric recovered. He was sent home with a pik IV for another 6 weeks. It all happened so fast one day playing hockey and fine and the next not being able to function at all. They said that a rare complication of a sinus infection can be meningitis. The thing is that Eric had never had a sinus infection before.

Donna Gerrits

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