Ernest's Story

This is the story of my 27year older brother Ernest Kobby Adjei born in Accra, Ghana. Ernest completed his first degree in mathematics at the Kwame Nkrumah University of science and technology in Kumasi-Ghana in the year 1999. Ernest started his compulsory National Service with N.T.H.C in the year 2000, as a Research Assistant. In August of the same year he had pneumonia and was admitted at a local hospital (Nyaho clinic in Accra). X-ray results revealed pleural effusion, and 6 liter´s of fluid was drained from the left side of his ribs. He was discharged and put on antibiotic therapy. His health during this period was not very encouraging.

In February 2001, Ernest complained of sever headaches that wouldn´t go away, he was constantly dizzy and had started loosing weight. He went in to see his Doctor she couldn´t diagnose what was wrong with him and so requested for a CT scan. He had several appointments with the Doctor after the scan to read and diagnose his problem but she was never there when he went in to see her. After a couple of days of this occurring my mum decided he should go in to see another Doctor. He was thereafter admitted at the SSNIT clinic in Accra for about a week during which time the Doctors could still not detect what was causing his severe headaches. They conducted all kinds of test on him which came out negative. Meanwhile he was put on antibiotics and his condition steadily grew worse.  At this point he was incoherent and had lost awareness of what was going on around him; he didn´t even remember any of us, his siblings. Six days later when my Parents saw signs of his condition worsening they requested a transfer and thereafter he was transferred to Korle-Bu Teaching hospital in Accra, Ghana. There he was diagnosed as T.B meningitis and went into coma several times on and off for about 2 months.

Due to poor nursing care he developed ulcers (pressure sores) the size of one´s palm at the base of special region tube before the buttocks, ulcers on both sides of his hip and on both of his ankles. These were infected with pseudomonas species, which was resistant to all available antibiotic sensitivity disks the lab applied. Ernest could not eat and therefore had to be intra-fed, so a tube was inserted through the nose to the stomach for food to be injected into his stomach. After about 3 months of hospitalization the doctors realized his case was deteriorating and gave up on him not knowing what to do and thinking he was going to die. My parents had spent all they had financially on him at this point and were not only financially stressed but also emotionally stressed as a result of the inadequacies of the doctors and nurses which resulted in him developing ulcers on most parts of his body. Seeing no change and sensing the reluctance of the Doctors to continue treating him, my parents requested for a ´discharge´ from hospitalization.

Ernest was moved home in April 2001, my mum has been taking care of him herself from then till date. A scientific herbalist assistance was sought and eventually all the ulcers (pressure sores) healed but Ernest has not gained the use of his legs back. He had both legs retract to his back and has had 3 ´release´ operations on the back of his knees. He can take 1 or 2 steps when he has a cast or plaster of Paris put on his legs to straighten it. As soon as the cast comes off his legs retract again. He has been occasionally going for physiotherapy but because of the financial burden this is causing and due to the severe pain he is in, no proper exercise gets done. He is in so much pain that when you move or touch his legs he screams out in agony and cant sleep and no one else gets any sleep.

He is currently confined to a wheel chair. He had a complete loss of memory at the time, he has currently gained some awareness back but due to the extent of his loss does not remember or accept important facts like the fact that he completed his university degree in 1999. He does not remember anything that happened to him just before February 2001 and anything after. The most important moments of his life are still forgotten. It has been 3 years since my brother fell sick. He has gone through so much needless pain and trauma. He walked into the hospital in February 2001 and has not been able to walk again. He fought for his life even when Doctors gave up on him and thought he would die. He is still fighting to get back to a normal life.

Ernest needs help. There is so much that needs to be done for him and can be done to get him back on the road to recovery of his memory and gain use of his legs again, with some financial help and proper rehabilitation. We do not have in my country the proper rehabilitation facilities to help him learn to walk again or the resources. We his family believes that if he had access to proper rehabilitation oversees, he would be walking again. We would welcome any assistance from any Organization, or Hospital that is willing to give him a chance to walk and get his memory fully restored. Thus help him begin to live his life again and pursue his dreams. Ernest life at this point is at a standstill, before he fell sick he had wanted to go back to school for his Masters Degree in Actuarial Science. We would like to appeal to any Hospital, Philanthropist or Organization that would like to take on his case for treatment to contact::

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