Holly Dawson

This is my story, On February 07, 2003 my husband and I welcomed our twin boys into this world. Eric and Trevor.

My perfect boys were born and 34 weeks and were doing so well. Two weeks after they were welcomed the hospital discharged them and we were bringing our babies home. The whole family Mommy, Daddy, Jayden, Eric & Trevor. Life was perfect. So, we thought. On the following monday the boys had an appointment to see the doctor for their check up. When we got up that morning I noticed that Trevor wasn't hungry and he didn't look right. So, we rushed him to the doctor's office and he agreed. The phone call was made to the hospital and we were on our way.

When we arrived the paediatrician that was on duty told us he looked jaundiced and we should take him and put him in the sunlight. I was so upset and insisted that there was more to this. He then told me it was because I was new mother and was paranoid. (which I was not, we already had a 5 year old) I asked him to at least take so blood work which he finally agreed to. He then told us to go home and he would call us stat with the results. By the time we returned home Trevor looked worse. We then turned around and went to another hospital. You know it is so sad that no one believes in the old "mother's intuition".

Even at this hospital no one would take us seriously. Finally after about 30 minutes and Trevor not breathing they finally started to help. Turns out Trevor had meningitis secondary to group B strep, which I was negative. Trevor spent the next week at the Toronto Sick Children's hospital. On February 27th, 2003 he died. How could this happen? We still do not know. The night all of this happened we were very scared for our other son, Eric. We asked to have him tested and we were told that what one twin gets the other will not. This didn't sit well and we persisted. He was tested and appeared to be fine. The next day after planning Trevor's funeral we returned home to find that Eric had also stopped eating. My husband rushed him to the same hospital and a CBC was done which showed that same thing was happening. We were told that we should have Eric baptized and prepare for the worst. Eric was also taken to Sick kids and a miracle happened. He got better.

On April 21 we were able to bring him home and finally start our lives. We were advised that the lasting effects of meningitis could be drastic. We have been lucky besides some developmental skills he is 100%. He has an angel on his shoulders.

We still to this day do not have any answers and would like some help. We would also like to be involved in helping people understand the importance of this and the aftercare of people who have had to deal with this.

Thank You,
Holly Dawson


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