My name is Kayleigh and I am a 16 year old from Ontario! It was 16 years ago that I almost didn´t make it to see my first days of life. I was born with Meningitis. Group B Streptococcal Meningitis to be more specific. I was very sick and today I am very thankful to be here and I spend a lot of my time doing things for children who are less fortunate.

I sometimes feel really, really sad when I hear other peoples stories because they aren´t healthy and I am. I didn´t suffer anything else other then just being sick for the first few weeks of my life. I was 6 weeks early and very small. My family didn´t know too much about what had happened. One day my mother and father showed up at the hospital that I had to stay in and couldn´t find me so they asked a nurse where I was and she looked at them and said "didn´t anybody tell you?" That was probably the worst thing that happened to my parents. They were so worried for me.

My aunt bought me a card for my first birthday (a day many people weren´t sure I´d ever see!) and she wrote on the inside of it I bought this card for you the moment I heard of your birth, I believe in the miracle of life and love and you are proof of both. That card always makes me smile on the days that I feel sad! I hope that many, many people will be as lucky as I was! Best of luck to anyone who has suffered or is suffering!


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