This is a story about my sister who fought a long hard battle with a killer.

My sister was a great girl; she could put a smile on anyone's face and make you laugh even at the most inappropriate of times. She had this charm about her that she could get anything and everything her way, or at least that´s how I remember it as we grew up together. Her name was Lahren, she was my best friend and my hero.

She was a great artist. She had her life all planned out and everything in order for her after university. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University, she took on a small part time job selling corn for a farm, which I would visit frequently to bring her slushies and snacks. Things all going well and her income helping her to pay for her adventure to Australia for her teaching certificate, she came down with a sore throat and a high fever.

One day while I was watching television at home one evening, she crashed through the door crying and barely able to walk. It was painful to watch and what was even more painful was she told us, my mom, dad and I, that she was sick, she knew she was sick, she never complains because she is a tough girl, so we knew it too. We took her to the emergency room only to be turned away being told she has the flu.

Confused and unaware, we returned home where we put her to bed and waited it out. Early the next morning, unable to walk, my sister begged us to take her downstairs to lie on the couch. We noticed purple bruise-like blotches all over her legs and knew this was not any flu. Rushing back to the emergency room she was taken right in and brought up to the Intensive Care Unit. A spinal tap and 5 hours later, she was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

The next 4 days were a blur for us, in and out of the hospital, unable to think or function properly. Admitted on a Tuesday, her twenty-first birthday came on the Thursday, which she wasn´t even awake for. We threw her a party in her intensive care room and that night they put her on dialysis. Her circulation was suffering and amputation was iminent, but we knew she would pull through hands or no hands and still be one of the greatest artists this world has ever seen.

With all the prayers and love in the world for her, one fateful Friday night, the poisons in her blood caused severe brain damage and we lost her on the Saturday. It was the hardest day of my life and still will be. I lost my only sister and best friend that day. I´m sure she would want people to know her story to help spread word of this silent and quick killer. That´s all I have to say about that, the rest will be in memory of my dearly beloved sister, "Ren".

Sincerely her brother and best friend,


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