Madelynn Charlotte Golbach

I gave birth on Sept. 21st, 2010 to a healthy baby girl, her name is Madelynn. She was always happy and content until the day as she was 5 weeks old. All the sudden, she was fuzzy and wouldn't eat. I called my neighbour who is a nurse; she listened to Madelynn's tummy and told me that she might have colic. We gave her some herbal drops and soon after that she felt asleep but didn't wake up of her own anymore. As I woke her up, she was pale and lethargic. I was really scared and my husband and me went with her to the ER. As we got there, Madelynn felt unconscious.

An ambulance came later and they brought Madelynn to Sick Kids Hospital where she was brought to the critical care unit. At Sick Kids they told us that Madelynn had Late Onset Strep B and from Strep B she also got Meningitis. After 4 days the doctors decided to turn off the machines, because Madelynn's brain was severe damaged from the Meningits.

After they turned off the machines, Madelynn started breathing on her own for 6 hours. Mommy and Daddy were lying next to her in an adult size hospital bed and we were holding her hands until she passed away.

We are very heart broken and we don't understand how this could happen? We don't know if we could have done anything to prevent it, because every doctor and every nurse is telling us that they don't know how Baby's get infected with Late onset Strep B.

We really hope that there will be vaccine soon, so that no more innocent little babies have to die due to this terrible bacterium!! 

In Memory of Madelynn Charlotte Golbach:
* Sept. 21, 2010
+ Nov. 2, 2010
Nicole (heartbroken Mommy) & Christoph (heartbroken Daddy)


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