Tianna's Story

This is the story of my miracle baby. She is so strong and has an amazing will to live. I will start at the beginning. I had a very difficult pregnancy and was told that I was going to lose this baby. I had several hospital stays and was on bed rest for my entire pregnancy. At 28 weeks I was admitted to hospital and was diagnosed with pancreatitis. We both almost died but Tianna was strong and as determined as I was to fight. After being in and out of ICU at 34 weeks I was rushed in for an emergency C-section where my daughter arrived kicking and screaming into the world. She spent a month in the NICU and then joined us at home. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

In January of 2004, at the age of 5 months Tianna had what appeared to be a fever and a cold. We brought her to her paediatrician who told us to give her tempra and to watch her, the next day we took her to the hospital as we still couldn´t get her fever down. They told us not to worry as it looked like a viral infection and sent us home. That night I went to check on her in her crib and she was blue and shaking all over. I screamed at my husband to call 911. She was having seizures and was unable to breathe. We were rushed to the Children´s hospital and she seemed to improve. We were told she had febrile seizures and that she had a bladder infection. She was started on antibiotics and we were sent home. By lunch time of the same day Tianna was unresponsive, I couldn´t get her to respond to me at all and she was turning a yellowish color. I called Telehealth Ontario and she began to seize again. Telehealth sent an ambulance and we were on our way back to the Children´s Hospital. The paramedics couldn´t get her to wake up either and were quite concerned. Once we got to triage the nurse looked at her chart and decided since we were there the night before that my daughter was just tired and was fine. She put us in the waiting room. My husband kept asking nurses for help, Tianna´s eyes were rolled back in her head and she was yellow. They kept saying someone was coming and one nurse finally yelled at my husband to go sit down. Thank god he didn´t listen. He kept trying to get a nurse and someone finally came (it turns out she was just arriving on shift). She took one look at Tianna and grabbed her from my arms running down the hall yelling for help.

The next thing I knew my baby was surrounded by doctors and nurses and they were putting IV´s in all over her little body. A doctor looked over at me and said that he thought she might have bacterial meningitis and they needed to do a spinal tap. I think my entire world just crashed at that moment. Looking back I don´t think I really believed them. They started antibiotics right away and asked me if I needed to call anyone. I called my family. My mother immediately booked a flight out and arrived the next day.

Tianna was moved to Intensive Care. I remember just thinking I was in a dream. My strong little girl was fighting for her life again. She spent a week in ICU fighting this horrible infection. On top of bacterial meningitis she had a bladder infection, her entire body was infected with ecoli (which caused the meningitis) and had gone septic.  I remember a minister coming in and talking to us. I remember being told that they didn´t think she would make it through the night. It all seems so fuzzy though, kind of like it isn´t you they are talking to. The nurses were fabulous and always called Tianna their feisty little baby. She was put on dilantin and phenobarb for her seizures and they still wouldn´t stop so they were giving her Ativan in between.

After a week we were moved to isolation on a regular pediatric floor. The next morning she was taken to surgery for a PIC line, she was struggling so much that she was constantly pulling out her IV´s and we had no more veins left so the PIC line was needed. While in surgery she suffered a stroke, but she fought through yet again. After only 2 days in ICU we were back up on a regular floor.

Tianna was able to come home in the middle of March, again one of the best moments of my life. She has many delays and a long road ahead, but she is our miracle girl. She just learned how to sit up (with Mommy´s help) but she looks so strong and happy it´s hard to believe how sick she was. Tianna suffers from hearing loss, right side weakness, developmental delays and seizures. She is still taking dilantin and a new medication called Keppra.

She is truly our miracle baby and I feel so blessed to have her. I am so sorry for all those that have been affected by this horrible disease.

Thank you for reading Tianna´s story.


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