Victoria's Story

Victoria was 8 days old; she was acting out of sort crying all day, not wanting to feed.  Being new parents we were not sure what the problem was, we thought perhaps she had gas.  A few hours went by and I noticed she was really warm, I took her temperature and it was 38 degrees.  I called the new mothers help line at our local hospital, the nurse told me to take her to the doctors right away as a new born who is breast feed should not be running a temperature this high. From the doctors we were sent directly to emergency at the hospital.

Since she was so young, the doctors knew she had an infection, but was not sure what was causing it.  They did numerous tests, including a spinal tap.  From that test Group A strep was suspected.  My husband and I sat there with her, while the nurses tried to find a site in her little hand to attach an I.V.  We were admitted into pediatrics and Victoria was put into isolation for 48 hours.  

2 days later, another spinal tap was taken and this test confirmed she had strep A.  No one in the hospital had ever dealt with a child so young with meningitis.  The pediatrician and hospital staff worked closely with Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto to decide how long the treatment process would be.  It was decided that Victoria would be in the hospital for 2 weeks receiving antibiotics every 6 hours for 2 weeks via IV.  

Thankfully we were able to stay with her for the 2 weeks.  I slept in the bed, while my husband spent each night on a pull out chair.  Sadly she had to spend her first Easter hooked up to IV and in the hospital.  With Victoria being so young, the IV would not stay in veins.  They tried in her arms and legs; finally they decided to insert a PIC line into her forehead.  We were transferred by ambulance to another hospital where she would have the PIC line inserted.  The procedure went well.  We had to stay at that hospital for 24 hours so they could monitor the line.  After that we went back to our hospital.  

Her fever lasted a couple of days, after the first few days in the hospital she came around and you wouldn't even know she was so sick.  During this time, she continued to feed very well and gained weight each day!  The doctors said that if we had waited any longer, it could have been fatal.  Victoria is now 4 months old and doing FANTASTIC!  We have to monitor her development closely.  She has had brain ultra sounds to ensure she didn't have any brain damage from the infection, as well as routine hearing tests.  Still to this day we have no idea how she caught this, we are just so grateful that she is ok!!!!

We couldn't be happier with her, she is PERFECT!!  Her development is right where it should be, and she is having a great time!

We are so thankful to the nurses and doctors who cared for our daughter, and we are so blessed to have such an amazing angel!

Thankfully she was so young she will never know what happened!


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