Zachary's Story

I am the mother of a 19 month old son, thankfully. About two months ago my son developped a low grade fever on a friday night. My husband and I figured that he was teething so we gave him some tylenol and he seemed fine. The next morning his fever had gotten higher and he was slightly irritable so we watched him very closely.

On Sunday his fever got to 42 degrees celcius so I took him to the emergency room, the doctor there told me that he had bronchittis and an ear infection and put my son on a three day dose of antibiotics. The next day he was worse, vomiting, lifeless, 42 degree fever, not eating or drinking so I took him back to the hospital. The doctor I saw was very annoyed that I had brought my son back, and then told me it was something viral and that I needed to take him home and let it run it´s course. So being the trusting individual that I am I took him home.

Two days later my son was absolutely lifeless, he slept the entire day and the only time he got up he was vomiting. So I took him to see a different doctor. This man was an angel, he immediately sent us to a facility in a city where there was a pediatrician. The pediatrician told us that he was dehydrated and admitted him to the hospital and put him on an I.V. My husband and I stayed over night with him and in the morning when we woke up, my son was not responding to his father or me. He was grey in color and he looked like a corpse. The pediatrician came in and lefted him with the back of his head and he came up straight as a board. She then told us he had meningitis.

He had to be air lifted to Winnipeg, Manitoba to the Children´s Hospital were they immediately did a spinal tap and told us that he had pneaumoccocal meningitis from an ear infection that he had had. We spent 2 weeks in the hospital were he recieved i.v medication. I felt the need to share my story so that others who read this will think twice if they feel uncomfortable with a doctors diagnosis. If I had listened to my doctor I would have stayed home with Zachary, and he most likely would have died. Parents, you know your children better then anyone, if you know something is wrong keep at your doctor until you are satisfied with the results.

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